Per-Title Encoding

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Happy Valentine's Day!

We're sharing our love this Valentines Day with Per-Title Encoding at the cost of regular transcoding services from Feb 14th until the end of the month. Per-Title Encoding makes your video files an average of 60% smaller while maintaining video quality, making your content load faster while saving you money on Storage and CDN costs.

Make video files 60% smaller without losing quality

What is Per-Title Encoding?

Our technology analyzes each video file using a wide range of parameters specific to each file. The technology then modifies transcoding settings automatically to produce the smallest possible video file without sacrificing video quality.

Why Optimize Your Video Files?

Improve User Experience
Fast Load Times

Smaller video files load much faster and make playback possible with low bandwidths.

Better Video Quality

Get the highest video quality possible at low bitrates, with settings automatically tailored to your content

Reduce Costs
Lower Storage Costs

As your content library grows, smaller files can lead to monumental savings on storage costs.

Lower CDN Costs

The original video file is sent to Qencode for encoding and encryption.

Why Per-Title Encoding?

Input File
1080 Sample (Qencode)
1080 Sample (Qencode) 1920 x 1080 / 800 MB / 00:50 / MOV / ProRes / 24 FPS HD
4K Sample (Qencode) 3840 x 2160 / 3.12 GB / 00:50 / MOV / ProRes / 24 FPS 4K
Big Buck Bunny 1920 x 1080 / 339 MB / 10:34 / MP4 / H.264 / 60 FPS HD
Tears of Steel 1920 x 800 / 557 MB / 12:14 / MOV / H.264 / 24 FPS HD
Sintel 1280 x 544 / 643 MB / 14:48 / MKV / H.264 / 24 FPS SD
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