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Build powerful video solutions that scale with any workflow

Our cloud video services provide robust APIs that can be customized for any workflow and meet new demand as you scale. All for a low and easy to understand price.

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Cloud API for Video Services
Our users include
Video Transcoding
Video Transcoding

Transcode videos at scale in the cloud

Transcode any video file into the most popular formats and codecs. Create thumbnails, add subtitles and DRM, and save output to any storage destination. Build with flexibility using hundreds of transcoding settings available via our API.

Browse video formats and codecs

Per-Title Encoding

Reduce file size with Per-Title Encoding

Reduce file sizes an average of 60% without losing quality using our machine-learning powered, scene-based video optimization technology to get the most out of existing codecs compared to static encoding settings.

View full list of transcoding features

Per-Title Encoding
Live Streaming
Live Streaming

Stream videos live around the world

Launch live streams at scale using protocols like RTMP, WebRTC and SRT with high-speed encoding into common formats like HLS, LL-HLS, CMAF, and DASH.

View streaming formats and codecs

Media Storage

Store and manage your videos and images

Store your video files in an S3-compatible bucket optimized for web delivery, permission control, and automation.

View third-party S3 integrations

Per-Title Encoding
Content Delivery
Content Delivery

Deliver high-speed video and images globally

Automatically connect high-speed global CDN to your live streams and video files to deliver scalable quality experiences.

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Video Player

Customize your video playback experience

Customize your playback experiences with a video player built and optimized for the most popular web formats and codecs.

View our video player SDK

Video Player


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Per-Title Encoding
Smart adaptive-bitrate ladders
Audio normalization
Subtitles and Closed Captions
Timeline previews
VR Content
New Formats & Codecs
High Resolution Content


Pull Source URL
Direct Uploads
Any input video format

Live Streaming

RTMP Input
WebRTC Input
SRT Inputs
HLS Output
LL-HLS Output
CMAF Output
DASH Output
Reusable keys
Record streams


Multi-organization user access
Callback URLs and Webhooks
Video Player
Video Analytics
Simplified S3 Storage
Expanded Metadata

Media Storage

Store videos and live streams
CORS settings
Life-cycle rules
CDN enabled
Third-party S3 Integrations

Content Delivery

Optimized video content delivery
Edge logic and advanced content delivery
Real-time log streaming
Instant purge
Content protection
Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Always-on DDoS mitigation
Request collapsing
GZIP Content compression
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About us

We are Qencode, a team dedicated to building a platform that encodes videos in the most flexible, customizable, cost-efficient and scalable way possible. We wanted to create a solution that addresses the direct needs of our clients, while maintaining low cost and high reliability. Our clients range from startups to large enterprises.

We've been able to save all of them time and money with our versatile cloud video transcoder, which includes a rich feature set and wide support of popular formats and codes like HLS, MPEG-DASH, MP4, h.264 (AVC1), h.265 (HEVC), WebM, and VP9.

We want our clients to always be at the forefront of innovation, that's why our team continuously works to update our platform and make sure videos encoded with our server become more efficient with each month. We hope you enjoy our service and look forward to working with you!

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