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Our efficient online media encoding technology provides speed and flexibility for a low, and easy to understand price.

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Powerful cloud video transcoding at a reduced cost

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Make video files 60% smaller without losing quality

Our Per-Title Encoding technology analyzes your video across hundreds of parameters and performs a custom transcode to create the highest quality video file at the lowest possible size.

Benefits of Smaller Video Files

Videos Load Faster
Lower Storage Costs
Lower Bandwidth Costs
Lowest cost cloud encoding

Lowest cost cloud encoding

Our video transcoding solution is guaranteed to cut your encoding costs, whether you are a new startup or a large enterprise.
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Latest formats and codecs

Convert your files into all of the latest formats, codecs and resolutions including HLS, MPEG-DASH, MP4, WebM, MKV, h.264, HEVC (h.265), VP9, AV1 and many more.

We love working with our clients to develop powerful video workflows that incorporate that latest innovations in digital media.

Video formats and codecs

Transcoding Demo

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1080 Sample (Qencode) 1920 x 1080 / 800 MB / 00:50 / MOV / ProRes / 24 FPS HD
Big Buck Bunny 1920 x 1080 / 339 MB / 10:34 / MP4 / H.264 / 60 FPS HD
4K Sample (Qencode) 3840 x 2160 / 3.12 GB / 00:50 / MOV / ProRes / 24 FPS 4K
Tears of Steel 1920 x 800 / 557 MB / 12:14 / MOV / H.264 / 24 FPS HD
Sintel 1280 x 544 / 643 MB / 14:48 / MKV / H.264 / 24 FPS SD
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Robust API and UI

Robust UI and API

Start transcoding in a few simple steps. Our UI, API, and SDKs make it easy for you easily build you own cloud video service.

Our robust API allows more advanced users to customize every element of their output videos to fit their exact needs.

Let us set up your video workflow

We're happy to consult on your video transcoding workflow and develop the best solution together.

High speed video transcoding

Use our platform to leverage economies of scale and transcode your videos 10x faster than realtime.

Additional optimization reduced file size and improve quality on videos that use h.264 (AVC1), h.265 (HEVC), and VP9, MP4, HLS, and MPEG-DASH.

Our team provides regular updates increasing the speed and efficiency of our media encoding servers with every month.

High speed video transcoding
Secure and reliable cloud service

Secure and reliable cloud service

  • Infrastructure built with the latest best practices for secure web services
  • Latest compliance and data residency requirements
  • Global scale and continuity via regional replication
  • Highly encrypted workflow covering process end-to-end
  • Privacy measures and full confidentiality around client information

DRM (Digital Rights Management)

DRM (Digital Rights Management) allows you to control who is able to view videos using encryption layers which prevent piracy and unauthorized use.

Using a complex system of keys, our encoding platform works together with top DRM providers to protect content better than ever before.

DRM (Digital Rights Management)

Get $5 Credit Free

Get a $5 Credit to access all the features of our robust solution.
Our cost efficient transcoding solution starts at $0.005 per minute of output video duration.

About us

We are Qencode, a team dedicated to build a the best cloud video transcoding platform in the world. We're focused on building a solution that encodes videos in the most customizable, cost-efficient, flexible, and scalable way possible.

Although we serve large enterprises, we also dedicate time to startups building the next generation of video platforms. We start by saving all of our clients money and time by helping them use our versatile cloud video transcoder. It can be hard to navigate new formats feature set and wide support of popular formats and codecs like AV1, HLS, MPEG-DASH, h.265 (HEVC), WebM, and VP9, so we provide 24 hour support to ensure we are there.

We wanted to create a solution that addresses the direct needs of our clients, while maintaining low cost and high reliability.

We want our clients to always be at the forefront of innovation, that's why our team continuously works to update our platform and make sure videos encoded with our server are always of the highest quality and the lowest file size.

We hope you enjoy our service and look forward to working with you!

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We love creating powerful solutions that are aligned with the needs of your business.

Contact us with any questions. We'd love to help.

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We'd to love to show you our platform and help you get started. Send us an email: sales@qencode.com