Setting up your project

Creating a Transfer Method

A Transfer Method allows you to set your storage point from which you can transcode video or save your transcoded output files.

To create a new Transfer Method, please make sure you are in the Edit Project section of you Project, and click Transfer Methods to expand the section.
Click + Add Transfer Method to create a new Transfer Method for this Project.
Enter Transfer Method Name for your Transfer Method. Pick something distinct which will make it easier to identify and manage in the future, for example: AWS S3 (Film Studio 1).
Select Type from the dropdown. You can choose between a preset like Amazon S3, or you can define a Custom S3 Server where you can specify your own Host (for example
Enter the name of the bucket you want to use for this transfer method in the Bucket Name field.
Enter the Access ID and Access Key used to authenticate the S3 server you've selected.
Click + Add Transfer Method to save. You can continue adding Transfer Methods to this projects if you'd like.

Creating a Project

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