Setting up your project

Creating a Transcoding Profile

You may create as many Transcoding Profiles as you like, one for each video file type that you want outputted for a transcoding job.

To create a new Transcoding Profile, please make sure you are in the Edit Project section of your Project, and click + Add Transcoding Profile.
Enter a Profile Name for your Transcoding Profile. Pick something distinct which will make it easier to identify and manage in the future, for example: HLS at 375kbps (640x360).
Select an Output Format from the dropdown. To learn more about our output formats, review our Input and Output Formats section.
Select a Video Codec from the dropdown. To learn more about our video codecs, review our Input and Output Formats section.
Specify in the Output Path which folder and naming convention to use when saving this file to your storage or Transfer Method. An example would be videos/{uuid}. Please note that for MP4 files, a separate Output Path must be specified for each resolution added.
Video Settings covers some of the main settings required to create the video portion of the transcoded files.
Resolution. This allows you to add all the resolutions you will need for this Transcoding Profile.
To add a new resolution to this transcoding profile, click + Add Resolution
Select the resolution you would like to add using the Output Resolution dropdown.
Enter the bitrate for this video in the Bitrate (kbps) field.
After you are done, click + Add Resolution to save. You can continue adding resolutions until you have all that you need.
To edit Audio Settings, click the Audio Settings to expand the section. These setting modify the audio within the output video.
Enter Max Audio Bitrate to specify the maximum bitrate for audio in kbps for the output video.
To edit Thumbnail Settings, click the Thumbnail Settings to expand the section.
Click + Add Thumbnail to create a new thumbnail for this transcoding profile.
Enter the percentage of the timeline from which you want to create the thumbnail in the Time (%) field. Click + Add Thumbnail. You can use 0 for the beginning, 100 for the end, and any integer in between.
Click + Add Thumbnail Size to and enter the width and height of the thumbnail you want to create.
After you've completed the setup you need, just click Save All and you're all set to start using your new Transcoding Profile.

Creating a Project

Congrats! You've learned more about creating a project on Qencode! You may want to learn about:


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